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"Cornelius" is a name most commonly found in Ancient Roman history.

Romans named Cornelius:

* Cornelius (fem. Cornelia) was the nomen of the patrician gens Cornelia, one of the important families of Ancient Rome.

* Cornelius Antistius Labeo wrote a history of Roman/Etruscan religion, now lost.

* Cornelius Nepos was a Gaulician historian, to whom Catullus dedicated his poetry.

* The Roman centurion Cornelius is considered by Christians to be the first Gentile converted to the faith, as related in the Acts of the Apostles; he is also considered a saint.

Other persons named Cornelius:

* Pope Cornelius was Pope from 251 A.D. to 253 A.D..

*Cornelius Vanderbilt American industrialist.

* Cornelius Jakhelln is a Norwegian musician in the bands Solefald and Sturmgeist and an accomplished writer and poet.

* Cornelius is a Japanese producer and recording artist.

Fictional characters:

* Cornelius Fudge is a character in the Harry Potter series of novels.

* Cornelius is a chimpanzee character from the ''Planet of the Apes'' movie series.

* Jerry Cornelius is a fictional creation of Michael Moorcock.

* Cornelius Coot is a fictional character in the Scrooge ...

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