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Cosmic Rough Riders

The "Cosmic Rough Riders" are a pop/rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They were originally formed in 1998 by Daniel Wylie and Stephen Fleming, and later they were joined by Mark Brown and James Clifford.

They self-released the albums "Deliverance" (1999) and "Panorama" (2000), both having been recorded in a community funded recording studio located in Glasgow's notorious Castlemilk housing scheme. The albums received outstanding reviews in the popular music press, generating excitement around the independent music scene.

Cosmic Rough Riders duly signed a one album license deal with Poptones Records, the newly-formed label of ex-creation records boss Alan McGee, who released the band's 'third' album "Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine" in November 2000, actually a compilation of songs from "Panorama" & "Deliverance". It immediately caught the imagination of the press, citing one journalist to proclaim them "the best band on earth right now".

Single releases in 2001 earned them increasing numbers of fans in the press and public alike, and ensured the band's growth through word-of-mouth. Their efforts paid off when the single "Revolution (In The Summertime?" was release...

years active 1998– present
country Glasgow, Scotland
music genre Alternative rock, Folk rock, Country rock
current members Mark Brown
James Clifford
Stephen Fleming
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia