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Countess is an orthodox black metal band from the Netherlands formed in 1992.
Countess has achieved limited fame within black metal circles. Their style of music is characteristic to old heavy metal and black metal traditions, although they have managed to develop a sound that is unique to them.
Between 1993 - 1997, they have gone through numerous lineup changes. They also played live in that time period, but since 1998, they have not had a stable lineup, because of which they have not played live.

1992: "Permafrost" Demo
1993: "The Gospel Of The Horned One" CD
1994: "The Wolves Awake" Demo
1994: "Doomed To Live" Livetape
1994: "The Return Of The Horned One" CD
1995: "The Wrath Of Satan's Whore" Cassette EP
1995: "Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam" CD
1996: "Live In Berlin" Livetape
1996: "The Book Of The Heretic" CD
1997: "Hell's Rock & Roll" MCD
2000: "The Shining Swords Of Hate" CD
2001: "The Revenge Of The Horned One Part I" CD
2002: "The Revenge Of The Horned One Part II" CD<...

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