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Kevin Coyne

Kevin Coyne. Singer, composer, writer and painter. Born Derby, UK,
January 27th 1944 - Died Nuremberg, Germany, December 2nd 2004

British born Kevin Coyne was called, by DJ Andy Kershaw, as variously "a National treasure who keeps getting better" and as one of the great British Blues voices. However, it was another British DJ who first started his recording career when John Peel released
recordings by Kevin's first band Siren in 1969 on his Dandelion label.

A comparative late starter to the recording scene Kevin spent his early years working as a social worker and a psychiatric nurse. His 40 LPs always had a balance of tender love songs and songs of heart-breaking despair and hope based on his life long concern with life's casualties and songs of great humour. The music often reflected these two extremes by one song with a glorious
melody followed by one with tortured vocals and primeval screaming reflecting the anguish inherrent in the lyrics.

Kevin's refusal to compromise was shown early in his career when he refused to meet Jack Holzman (Siren were on Electra in America) to discuss replacing Jim Morrison in The Doors - "I didn't like the leather...

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