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"Crass" was an influential English anarchist punk rock band.

Crass formed in 1977< Please do not change this to 1976 --> , based around Dial House, an 'open house community' near Epping, Essex, in England.

Whereas the Sex Pistols' anarchism seemed to be a self-consciously nihilistic prank, Crass's stance was more directly linked to the libertarian socialist or communalistic varieties of 20th century political thought.

Taking literally the punk manifesto of "Do It Yourself", Crass combined the use of song, film, sound collage, graphics and subversion to launch a sustained and innovative critical broadside against all that they saw as a culture built on foundations of war, violence, sexism, religious hypocrisy and unthinking consumerism. They were also critical of what they perceived as the flaws of the punk movement itself, as well as wider youth culture in general. Crass were amongst the progenitors of the anarcho-pacifism that became pervasive in the punk music scene (see also anarcho-punk).

The band came together when Dial House founder and former member of avant-garde performance art group EXIT Penny Rimbaud (real name Jerry Ratter) began jammi...

years active 1977 – 1984
origin Epping, Essex, England
music genre Anarcho-punk
current members Penny Rimbaud
Gee Vaucher
Steve Ignorant
Phil Free
Pete Wright (musician)
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source: Wikipedia