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"Creep" may mean:

* Creep (deformation), a materials deformation process that can lead to mechanical failure

* Downhill creep, the slow progression of rock and other debris down a low grade slope

* Creep (project management), the jeopardizing of a project's initial objectives by an increase in overall objectives

* Creep, advancing of a railway wheel more or less than is expected from rolling, without large-scale slip

In "entertainment":

* "Creep" (song), by the British band Radiohead

* "Creep" (TLC song), by TLC

* "Creep" (Stone Temple Pilots song), by Stone Temple Pilots

* ''Creep'' (film), a 2004 British horror film

* Creep (Warcraft), a neutral but hostile computer controlled unit in ''Warcraft III''

* Creep (Starcraft), an organic ground cover necessary for constructing structures by the Zerg race in ''Starcraft''

"CREEP" may stand for:

* Committee to Re-elect the President

ja:クリープ (曖昧さ回

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