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Crossbreed is an industrial metal, shock rock band from Florida. Their sounds have been compared to Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Ministry. They're best known for their stage performances, which include black lights, bench grinders, confetti, and broken glowsticks. They were signed with Artemis Records.


"Vocals" - James Rietz

"Guitar and Programming" - Roach

"Bass" - Corey Floyd

"Drums" - Chris Morris

"Keyboards and Programming" - Ian Hall

"Keyboards and Programming" - Travis Inskeep


"Bass" - Charlie Parker

"Bass" - Bishop

"Drums" - Travis Simpkins

"Drums" - Little Dan

"Keyboards" - Flip

"Keyboards" - Jason Tropf

"Keyboards" - DJ Izzo


*''Synthetic Division'' (2001)


*''New Slave Nation'' (2005)

* Official Crossbreed Website

* Crossbreed MySpace Group

* Crossbreed Official Message Board

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