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"Cruachan" is the name of an Irish Celtic metal band founded in 1992 by Keith Fay after the end of Minas Tirith which existed since 1989.

Cruachan mixes Celtic music, history and mythology with black metal. Cruachan's black metal influence, however, has become diluted in recent releases, and most fans only consider their first album ''Tuath Na Gael'' to be black metal. Recent work has become more melodic, with softer vocals, courtesy of Karen Gilligan, who joined after the release of ''Tuath Na Gael''. Black metal elements remain on some songs, such as the primary vocals of ''Pagan'''s title track.

Cruachan probably took their name from the ancient city of the same name, which was the capital of the old Irish kingdom of Connacht.

Many of Cruachan's songs refer to this kingdom, such as Cattle Raid of Cooley, which is an event in Irish mythology. Cruachan's lyrics also contain frequent references to the Viking Age, the Viking invasions of Ireland, and the defeat of the Dublin Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf by Brian Boru. Other songs touch on the troubles and aspects of Irish myth and legend. Some of their songs, however, are based on various aspect...

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