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Crystal Method

"The Crystal Method" is an American electronic music duo consisting of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. Along the same lines as The Chemical Brothers, Propellerheads, The Prodigy, and Fatboy Slim, they specialize in breakbeat and big beat styles of music, but with more rock sensibilities than their contemporaries.

Although Jordan and Kirkland are both from Las Vegas, Nevada, the band was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989. The Crystal Method did most of their earlier production work in an underground shelter lovingly referred to as "The Bomb Shelter" in the front yard of a rent house they once shared as roommates. Before production began on ''Legion of Boom'' in 2004, they moved the studio into the garage of the rented house; many people aren't aware of this, however, and still believe they work in the actual "bomb shelter", now a nickname for the studio setup.

The Crystal Method's music is broad in scope, and can be found in many modern shows and movies, including ''Bones'' (Title Theme), ''Blade II'' ("PhDream", with Bubba Sparxxx), ''Cursed'' ("Bound Too Long"), ''Gone in Sixty Seconds'' ("Busy Child"), ''Lost in Space'' ("Busy Child"), ''Spawn'' ("(Can't Yo...

years active 1989-present
origin Los Angeles, California, USA
music genre Big Beat
current members Ken Jordan
Scott Kirkland
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia