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Culture Club

"Culture Club" was a popular 1980s English pop group, perhaps most noticeable for their gender-bending frontman Boy George. The other members of the band were Roy Hay on guitars and keyboards, Mikey Craig playing bass and Jon Moss (ex Damned, London and Adam and the Ants) on drums.

Before the formation of Culture Club, George sang briefly with the British group Bow Wow Wow as Lieutenant Lush and became quite popular in the role. This caused friction with the group and its lead singer Annabella Lwin. After his tenure with the group he decided to start a band with Craig, then enlisted Moss, and finally Hay. The group recorded demos, which were paid for by EMI Records, but the label was unimpressed and decided not to sign the group. Upstart company Virgin Records signed the group in the UK, and Epic Records signed them in the US as Virgin did not have a US presence at the time. Their first album, 1982's ''Kissing to Be Clever'', saw the release of their first single "White Boy". Although a clever dance song, it failed to rise in the upper reaches of the charts but George was still happy because "5000 people bought my song and didn't even know me". Next single "I'm Afraid Of Me" ...

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