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Cure can be:

*successful treatment of disease *In Medical terms and understanding cure is simply return to physiology *preserve (meat, for example), as by salting, smoking, or aging (see curing) *prepare, preserve, or finish (a substance) by a chemical or physical process (one example is the curing, or seasoning, of a cast iron pan; another is the curing of an adhesive) *A 2001 film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. See Cure (2001 film) *A magic spell in the Final Fantasy series of computer and video games *Cure (pronounced Curay), is the highest point on Monte Isola in Italy. *Cure, is a song by Metallica from the album Load *Cure, is a animation by Futari wa Pretty Cure, replace character name in Cure Black and Cure White *CURE is a consumer magazine for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. CURE is an acronym for Cancer, Updates, Research & Education. CURE is an acronym for the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education.

Cures can be: *Cures is a commune of the Sarthe département, in France

The Cure is any of several things:

*The Cure are an Engl...

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