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Custard was an Australian indie rock band from Brisbane formed in 1990. The band were originally known as Custard Gun and featured David McCormack? on vocals and guitar, Paul Medew on bass, James Straker (later in The Melniks) on guitar and Shane Brunn (who later formed Hugbubble and Vanlustbader) on drums. After a few shows and line up changes (namely James being replaced Matthew Strong) Custard Gun morphed into Custard. Custard existed for about a decade (albeit with revolving line up of drummers - Gavin Herrinberg, Danny Plant, Glenn Thompson et al). The band released five albums (Buttercup/Bedford, Wahooti Fandango, Wisenheimer, We Have the Technology and Loverama), two EPs (Gastanked and Brisbane) a 7" single (Rockfish Anna), various CD singles, two compilations of re-issued and rare material (Wacked Not Wacky and Brisbane 1990-1994) and a posthumous greatest hits compilation entitled Goodbye Cruel World. During their heyday they were a popular live act, appearing prominently for several years in the Triple J Hottest 100.

After the split, lead singer and guitarist David McCormack

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