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Cutting Jade

Cutting Jade

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"Cutting Jade" is a five-piece rock group from Pretoria, South Africa

''Cutting Jade'' formed in 1998. Their first demo single was released to South Africa's largest campus station TUKS FM (then still Radio TUKS) in late 1998 and reached number one on the station's South African Top 10. The same song also made it to number 10 on the station's Top 30, the first unsigned band ever to feature at all on that chart. Their second demo gained a similar response and the band became popular at live shows in Pretoria.

''So There We Were'', was Cutting Jade’s first album. The band described this independent release "as an emotional rock album with relevant and accessible lyrics. Our intention has never been to baffle audiences with erudite lyrics or impress them with technical complexity any more than it has been to be part of any musical fashion or trend."

Cutting Jade then signed to the David Gresham Record Company late in 2001 and brought out a second album: ''Between Two Lives''. ''Ten Seconds'', the first single off the album, reached number 1 in the national Top 40. ''Look a...

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