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Cyndi Thomson

"Cyndi Thomson" is an American singer who had two hit singles before giving up the music industry. She was born on October 19, 1976 and grew up in Tifton, GA. She eventually moved to Nashville to make it as a singer. In July 2001 her first CD titled ''My World'' was released and her first single "What I Really Meant To Say" was a hit. Her second single "I Always Liked That Best" was also well received. The album has since gone gold. In a surprising move for a new artist, on October 2002 Thomson announced that she was quitting the entertainment industry. Cyndi Thomson has claimed to have had personal obligations for quitting, as well as the desire to start and have a family. In 2006 it was revealed on the website CMT that the singer will be returning to music.

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|align="center" valign="top"|2001

|align="left" valign="top"|What I Really Meant To Say

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|align="left" valign="top"|''My World''


|align="center" valign="top"|2001


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