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Cypress Hill

"Cypress Hill" are a Latin-American hip-hop group from South Gate, California. The group formed in 1986 and have sold up to 10 million records in the USA alone by 2006.

The group consists of DJ Muggs (Lawrence Muggerud, DJ and producer, January 28, 1968), B-Real (Louis Freese, Rapper, June 2, 1970), Sen Dog (Senen Reyes, Rapper, November 20, 1965) and Eric Bobo (Eric Correa, Percussionist, August 27, 1968) (became a member in 1994). One aspect of their popularity is their commitment to the legalization of cannabis consumption. Cypress Hill are the first Latin rap artists to have Platinum, Gold and Multi-Platinum albums and are the best selling Latin rap artists.

The name Cypress Hill refers to the place where the first members of the band have lived, who grew up mostly in Cypress Avenue in South Gate, Los Angeles. They originally called the group "DVX", but the name was changed after Mellow Man Ace (Ulpiano Sergio, younger brother of Sen Dog) left shortly after in 1988 to pursue a solo career. It is sometimes incorrectly believed that the name refers to the Cypress Hills section of East New York, Brooklyn.

Their first album, which was self-titled, was relea...

years active 1986 - Present
origin Los Angeles, California
country United States
music genre Hip hop music
current members B-Real
Sen Dog
DJ Muggs
Eric Bobo
website Cypress Hill's official website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia