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D.D.E is a Norwegian pop/folk group founded in Namsos. The members were previously in a band called After Dark, but when the band split up, the remaining decided to form a new group. The group has since been highly successful in Norway, with 10 albums to date, including two compilation albums.

*Bjarne Brøndbo - Accordion, vocals (1992-present) *Frode Viken - Guitar (1992–present) *Arnt Egil RÃ¥nes - Guitar (1992–present) *Eivind Berre - bass (1992–present) *BÃ¥rd Jørgen Iversen - keyboards (1992–present) *Eskil Brøndbo - drums and percussion (1992–present)

*Rai-Rai (1993) *Rai 2 (1994) *Det e D.D.E. (1995) *Det går likar no (1996) *Ohwæææææh (1998) *No e D.D.E jul igjen (1999) *Jippi (2000) *Vi ska' fest aill mot aill (2001) *Næ næ næ næ næ (2005)

*Her bli det liv de beste 1992-2002 (2002). *EMI gull'' (20...

music genre Popular music
years active 1992–present
country Namsos, Norway
status Active
current members Bjarne Brøndbo
Frode Viken
Arnt Egil Rånes
Eivind Berre
Bård Jørgen Iversen
Eskil Brøndbo
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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