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DJ Sammy

DJ Sammy (born Samuel Bouriah) is a Spanish dance music DJ, born in Majorca, Spain on 29 October, 1969. He has had four Top 10 hits in the United Kingdom, including, his most successful and famous track, a number one with a cover of Bryan Adams' "Heaven".

He is most popular in Germany.

His cover of "Heaven" was a collabaration with Dominique van Hulst, a popular Dutch vocalist who is usually known as Do. He has also collaborated with Loona in the making of some of his singles (now his wife).

= *Life Is Just A Game (1998) *Heaven (2002) (#14 UK, #25 on re-entry of Top 40) #67 US *The Rise (2005)

= *"Life Is Just A Game" 1995 *"You're My Angel" 1996 *"Prince Of Love" 1997 *"Golden Child" 1997 *"Magic Moment" 1998 *"In 2 Eternity" 1999 *"Heaven" 2002 (#1 UK, #8 US, #4 AUS - cover of Bryan Adams' "Heaven") *"The Boys of Summer" 2003 (#2 UK, #10 AUS - cover of Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer") *"Sunlight" 2003 (#8 UK, #40 AUS) *"Rise Again" 2004 *"Why" 2005 (#7 ...

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