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Daily Planet

The "''Daily Planet"'' is a fictional broadsheet newspaper that appears in Superman stories published by DC Comics. The ''Daily Planet'' is based in Metropolis and employs Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen; its chief editor is Perry White. Within the Superman comics, the ''Daily Planet'' is depicted as a famous nationally published newspaper of the same caliber as the ''New York Times''.

In the comics, the newspaper is located in the heart of Metropolis, at the corner of Fifth Street and Concord Lane. The ''Planet'' began publication in 1775; George Washington wrote a guest editorial for the first daily edition. The ''Daily Planet'' building's most distinguishing and famous feature is the enormous globe that sits on top of the building.


When Superman first appeared in comics (in 1938's ''Action Comics'' #1), his alter ego Clark Kent worked for a newspaper named the ''Daily Star'', under editor George Taylor. Superman co-creator Joe Shuster named the ''Daily Star'' after the ''Toronto Daily Star'' newspaper in Toronto, Ontario, which had been the newspaper that Shuster's parents received and for which Shuster had worked as a newsboy. (Called the ''Evening Star'...

type Fictional Daily newspaper
format Broadsheet
owners Batman
headquarters Metropolis (comics)
editor Perry White
publisher Perry White
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia