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Dave Alvin

"Dave Alvin" (born November 11, 1955, in Downey, California, USA) is a guitarist, singer and songwriter.

"Dave Alvin" and his older brother Phil grew up in a music loving family in Downey, California. As teenagers, they regularly attended Blues, Rockabilly, and Country night clubs where they saw performances by greats like T-Bone Walker, Big Joe Turner, and Lee Allen, who later joined Dave and Phil in The Blasters.

In 1979 Dave and his brother formed roots rock group The Blasters with fellow Downey, California residents Bill Bateman and John Bazz. The Blasters became a sensation in Los Angeles and won an enthusiastic cult following across the United States and Europe. However, the Blasters were unable to translate their critical respect and enthusiastic fan base into mainstream success, and in 1986, Dave left the band.

Shortly after leaving the Blasters, Alvin joined X as lead guitarist after the departure of Billy Zoom. Alvin amicably left the group to work on a solo project shortly after the recording sessions for their album ''See How We Are''. Dave is also a member of country band The Knitters (composed mainly of members of X), appearing on 1987's...

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