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David Soul

"David Soul" (born August 28, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American-born actor and singer best known for his role as the handsome police detective Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson in the cult television program ''Starsky and Hutch'' (1975-79).

Originally "David Richard Solberg", he was born the son of a Lutheran minister. His father, Dr. Richard Solberg, was a senior representative for Lutheran World Relief during the reconstruction of Germany after World War II, and the family moved frequently while Soul was growing up.

Soul first gained attention as the level-headed Joshua Bolt on the television program ''Here Come the Brides'', but later became famous for ''Starsky and Hutch''. He has also made guest appearances on shows such as ''I Dream of Jeannie'', ''Cannon'', ''Gunsmoke'', ''World War III (miniseries)'', ''Star Trek'', and ''The Streets of San Francisco''. His best known film appearance was opposite Clint Eastwood in ''Magnum Force'' (1973).

After a successful singing career, including #1 hits such as "Don't Give Up On Us" and "Silver Lady", Soul moved to the United Kingdom, and notably participated in the successful 1997 election campaign of Martin Bell. In Septem...

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