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De Mens

"De Mens" is a Flemish rock band from Belgium. The current members of the band are Frank Vander linden, Michel de Coster, and Dirk Jans.

After playing in many hobby groups together, long-time friends Vander linden and De Coster decided to start De Mens. Vander linden, a journalist for the Belgian magazine ''Humo'', left his job to pursue a career as a full-time musician. In 1992 the band released its first radio single, "Dit is mijn huis" ("This Is My Home"), followed by the full album ''De Mens''. Later came other successful singles "Jeroen Brouwers (schrijft een boek)" ("Jeroen Brouwers Writes a Book") and "Irene".

The band's second album, called ''Ik wil meer'' (''I Want More''), contains the singles "Nederland" ("The Netherlands"), "Zij zit daar en ik zit hier" ("She Sits There and I Sit Here"), and "Lachen en mooi zijn" ("Smiling and Being Pretty"). Meanwhile, Vander linden developed a reputation as writer. Thanks to his success in the Studio Brussel radio programme ''Collage'', he has frequently been asked to be a columnist and spoken-word performer.

In the winter of 1995, Vander linden went on a small tour titled ''Solo bij u thuis''. A mini-CD, ''Patti Blues...

years active 1992–present
country Belgium
music genre Rock music
current members Frank Vander linden, vocals, guitar
Michel de Coster, bass guitar
Dirk Jans, drums
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source: Wikipedia