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Dead Can Dance

"Dead Can Dance" is a band comprising Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Formed in Melbourne in 1981 and initially based in Australia, it disbanded temporarily in 1998 and had reunited for a world tour in 2005.

After being relatively unsuccessful in Australia, Gerrard and Perry moved to London, where after one year they signed up to alternative rock label 4AD Records, a legendary label on the alternative music scene. They quickly became one of the most important bands on the label. They continued to work closely together until the late 1990s when they started to grow apart. Gerrard returned to Australia, while Perry moved to Ireland, where he bought an old church,Quivy Church, where he lives and works. It is speculated that the distance between the members was an influence in their eventual break-up, although Perry himself said that distance helped in maintaining a certain individual freedom in creativity.

Assigning a musical genre to Dead Can Dance is difficult, as its style is particularly eclectic. However, its early work could be considered "darkwave". In their later work, including and subsequent to the release entitled ''The Serpent's Egg'', Dead Can Dance would tak...

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