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Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys

The "Dead Kennedys" are a punk rock band from San Francisco, California. Attacking assumptions of the political left and right with humor, their music mixed the more experimental elements of English punk with the energy of the American punk scene. The Dead Kennedys officially disbanded in 1986, reforming in 2001 with a new vocalist.

The Dead Kennedys formed in June 1978, after guitarist East Bay Ray (real name Raymond Pepperell, Jr.) advertised for band mates after seeing a punk show at the Mabuhay Gardens. The original DK lineup consisted of Jello Biafra (real name Eric Boucher) on vocals, East Bay Ray on guitar, Klaus Flouride (real name Geoffrey Lyall) on bass, and 6025 (real name Carlos Cadona) on drums. They recorded their first demos with this lineup. In early July the band wanted a more experienced drummer, so they hired Ted (real name Bruce Slesinger). 6025 left, but was invited back as second guitarist. Their first concert was on July 19, 1978, at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco.

They played numerous shows at local venues afterwards. Because of the band's provocative name, they sometimes played under pseudonyms, including "The Sharks", "The Creamsicles"...

Background group or band
Alias various pseudonyms, including The Sharks, The Creamsicles, The Pink Twinkies
Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Instrument Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Genre hardcore punk
Years active 1978–1986
Associated acts Jello Biafra (solo career)
The Jungle Studs
New line-up:
Current members Jeff Penalty
East Bay Ray
Klaus Flouride
D.H. Peligro
Past members Jello Biafra
Brandon Cruz
6025 (drummer)
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source: Wikipedia