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"Dealership" is an indie pop and noise pop band based in Berkeley, California which was formed in 1995.

The band consists of:

* "Chris "Chris G." Groves" - bass & vocals

* "Jane Pinckard" - guitar, keyboards & vocals

* "Chris "Chris W." Wetherell" - drums & vocals

According to Dealership lore, the band was started in 1995 when Wetherell met Groves (they were attending UC Berkeley at the time).

For a time, the band ran their own label, Keiki Records, which released their second-full length release, ''TV Highway to the Stars'' in 2001, and made available their past releases and other merchandise. Keiki Records also distributed releases by now inactive San Francisco band Secadora (Which Chris. G was a member of).

With the creation of their third album, Dealership shopped for a record label to release it, and chose Turn Records, out of Santa Clara, California.

The official website,, can be accessed by anonymous FTP. Currently, it takes you to an empty directory, but up until June 18 of 2006, there would be links to download six songs off the third album in 128kbps MP3 form, none of which are available on the site in the "sample" area. T...

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