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Deborah Allen

"Deborah Allen" (b. Deborah Lynn Thurmond, 1953, in Memphis, Tennessee) is a country music singer.

She followed the typical Nashville tradition of moving there to work as a singer, but instead working as a waitress. Fate intervened when she had Roy Orbison as a customer at IHOP whom she convinced to hire her as a backup singer. She also worked as a singer and dancer at Opryland USA where she was seen and hired by singer Jim Stafford.

In 1979, Allen was handpicked by the wife of the late Jim Reeves to dub duet vocals onto three unfinished Reeves tracks — "Don't Let Me Cross Over," "Oh, How I Miss You Tonight," and the hit "Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me."

Her biggest hits came in 1983 and 1984 with "Baby I Lied" and "I've Been Wrong Before."

She wrote songs with her husband Rafe Van Hoy.


* "Trouble in Paradise" (1980)

* "Cheat the Night" (1984)

* "Let Me Be the First" (1984)

* "Telepathy" (1987)

* "Delta Dreamland" (1993)

* "All That I Am" (1994)

* "The Best Of Deborah Allen" (2000)

* "Deb In The Raw" (2000)

* "Hands On" (2000)

* "Nothing But Pearls" (Adrian Rose, 2003)

* "Hands On" (2005)

* "Memphis Princess" (2...

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