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Del Shannon

"''Del Shannon" should not be confused with "Dell Shannon", the pseudonym under which Elizabeth Linington wrote police procedurals.''

------------------------------------------thumb|Del Shannon in 1963.

"Del Shannon" (December 30, 1934–February 8, 1990) (born "Charles Weedon Westover" in Coopersville, Michigan) was an American rock and roller who launched into fame with the No. 1 hit "Runaway" (1961) which introduced the musitron, an early form of the synthesizer played by "Runaway" co-writer and keyboard player Max Crook.

Shannon followed up with "Hats Off to Larry", another big hit, and the less popular "So Long, Baby", another song of breakup bitterness. "Little Town Flirt", released in 1962 reached #12 in 1963 as did the album of the same name. After these hits, Shannon was unable to keep his momentum in the US, but became a sensation in England. In 1963, he became the first American artist to record a cover version of a Beatles song with "From Me to You".

Shannon returned to the charts in 1964 with "Handy Man", "Do You Wanna Dance", "Keep Searchin'", and "Stranger in Town" (1965), with the latter two songs themed about flight from pursuit in a dange...

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