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"Delays" are an indie band formed in Southampton, England, consisting of brothers Greg and Aaron Gilbert, Colin Fox and Rowly. Likened to the Cocteau Twins and noted for the lead vocalist's astonishing falsetto, they gained much exposure for their supporting role to the Manic Street Preachers in their Past/Present/Future Spring 2005 tour. Their latest album, ''You See Colours'', was released in March 2006 with nationwide advertising and to a very warm critical response.

The second single, "Hey Girl," off their debut album, ''Faded Seaside Glamour'', was their first top 40 hit, in July 2003. They have not dipped lower in the charts than that milestone since.

The band was originally called Idoru, and under that name released the 2001 single "Safety In Numbers" on Blanco Y Negro records.


*Vocals/Guitar: Greg Gilbert

*Keyboard/Vocals: Aaron Gilbert

*Bass/Vocals: Colin Fox

*Drums: Rowly


* ''Faded Seaside Glamour'' (05/04/2004) "17"

* ''You See Colours'' (06/03/2006) "24"


*Nearer Than Heaven (21/04/2003)

*Hey Girl (21/07/2003) "40"

*Ride It On (17/11/2003) - limited edition 7" only

*Long Time Coming (19/01/2004) "16"

*Nearer Than H...

years active 2001–present
origin Southampton, England
music genre Britpop
current members Greg Gilbert
Aaron Gilbert
Colin Fox
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia