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"Deliverance" is an American Christian Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, and Power Metal band led by Jimmy P. Brown II.

Deliverance formed in the mid-1980s as a speed metal outfit, where the Christian metal community first encountered them on the compilation album "California Metal". They published their self-titled debut album in 1989 with Jimmy P Brown (guitars and lead vocals), Glenn Rogers (lead guitar), Brian Khairullah (bass), and Chris Hyde (drums), but did not make major waves in the Christian metal community until their 1990 release "Weapons of Our Warfare". During this time, the band replaced guitarist Glenn Rogers with George Ochoa, and released a video on MTV for the title track of "Weapons".

During the production of their third album, Brian Khairullah and Chris Hyde were replaced with Mike Grato and Kevin Lee respectively. The third album did not perform as well, and tensions within the band resulted in George Ochoa leaving.

Their fourth album was a major change in direction for the band muscially. "Stay of Execution" went in a more progressive metal direction, complete with new guitarist Mike Phillips. While this move did anger fans at the time, others ...

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