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Demon Hunter

"Demon Hunter" is a metalcore band from Seattle, Washington started by brothers Don and Ryan Clark. Demon Hunter are outspokenly Christian and openly share their faith in several songs.

Demon Hunter has many different musical influences including such metal staples as Sepultura, and Machine Head. These influences are evident in the more aggressive, traditional metal instrumental and vocal parts of their music. Their vocal style has also been compared to the band Slipknot's because of their vocalist's growling, rap-like delivery. The more melodic moments in their music can easily be compared to the "softer" side of bands like Killswitch Engage or As I Lay Dying.

Demon Hunter was named 1 of 10 "Artists To Watch" by AOL Music and has gotten rave reviews in Revolver, Outburn and Decibel.

Their first release, entitled simply "Demon Hunter," was released in October 2002 on Tooth and Nail Records subsidiary Solid State Records, and featured both Don and Ryan on guitar and bass, Ryan as lead vocalist, and Jesse Sprinkle as drummer; it was produced by Jesse's brother Aaron Sprinkle.

At first the members of the band chose to hide their identities, creating some co...

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