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"Denali" was an American indie rock band formed in April 2000 in Richmond, Virginia. The original members of the band were Cam DiNunzio, Jonathan Fuller, Keeley Davis and Maura Davis. After recording a five song demo tape in January 2001, they signed on with Jade Tree Records before the end of the year.

Denali released their self-titled debut album in the spring of 2002. in August 2003, they released their second album ''Instinct''. Shortly after the album's release, Jonathan Fuller and Keeley Davis left the band to focus their attention on Engine Down. Davis was replaced by bassist Stephen Howard and Ryan Rapsys replaced Fuller. The new band configuration however led to the breakup of the band in April 2004.

In November 2004, Maura Davis, Ryan Rapsys, Stephen Howard and new member Matt Clark formed the band Bella Lea, and later changed the band's name from Bella Lea to Ambulette.

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