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Rock/Powerpop band from Bournemouth, England, based around singer-songwriter Denzil Thomas. Denzil were signed to Giant records in the USA in 1993 and put out one album “Pub” in 1994. “Pub” was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1994 and is now widely accepted as one of the most overlooked albums of the 1990’s.

''“Pub (Giant), the debut album from Bournemouth, England's Denzil, is a winsome meditation on the human comedy. In their folk-fueled pop songs, the band call to mind sharp-eyed hit-makers like Elvis Costello and Crowded House with lyrics that boast a gritty realism”''

Michael Azerrad – INTERVIEW Magazine June 1994

''"PUB is 16 tracks of sharp hooks and subtle harmonies sandwiched somewhere between a frightening Crowded House and a friendly Elvis Costello"'' 8/10

NME January 1995

''"The whole of PUB unfolds with such breathtaking speed that it stands any amount of re-listening"''

Robert Sandall - THE SUNDAY TIMES January 1995


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