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"Desaparecidos" was an American indie/punk rock side project headed by singer/guitarist Conor Oberst, the frontman of the indie band Bright Eyes. They have also been hailed as the "Saddle Creek supergroup". Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Desaparecidos' lyrics were political in nature, and are about the state of affairs in America.

The band was been both lauded and criticized for its intentionally raw sound following the release of ''Read Music/Speak Spanish''. In sharp contrast to Bright Eyes' confessional, even sometimes mournful vocals, Conor Oberst's vocals in Desaparecidos' songs were much more characteristic of punk rock. Though his wavery voice was still present, he snarled in "Happiest Place On Earth" that "there's not enough to fatten the cows and feed all of us. It's just a rationing of luck." In "MaƱana", he shouted, "We will spread, we will cover the earth / Like air and water / ...If we're stopped, we'll just start again." The focus of the album- that today's bigger/better/best society is never satiated- is neatly summed up by "Greater Omaha", in which Oberst mused, "One more mouthful, and they will be happy then."

"Desaparecidos" means literally "the ones w...

years active 2001 – 2003
country Omaha, Nebraska, USA
music genre Indie rock, emo
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source: Wikipedia