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Desert Rose Band

"The Desert Rose Band" was a country rock band from California, founded by Chris Hillman (formerly of The Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers), along with Herb Pedersen and John Jorgenson, in 1985. Rounding out the original lineup were Bill Bryson (bass guitar), Jay Dee Maness (pedal steel guitar), and Steve Duncan (drums). The Desert Rose band rose from the ashes of a relatively obscure cowpunk band, the Cheatin' Hearts, fronted by John, rockabilly heart-throb Kittra Strejan, and songwriter-vocalist Bob Knight. After their breakup, it was basically the core of the Cheatin' Hearts that went on to become DRB.

The Desert Rose Band put California country rock back in business for the next seven years, and had a string of five number one hits as well as a Grammy nomination before the band called it quits in 1993.

The band released three albums, along with a greatest hits album.

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