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The "Deviates" were a punk rock band from South Bay California. They formed in the winter of 1994 when their members were in their mid-teens and slowly built a following in the South Bay where Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge got interested in them. The band's first album on Theologian Records label was produced by Dragge. They toured for three summers with the Vans Warped Tour before breaking up by 2003.

*B's in Your Mouth, Felony Records (1996)

*Theologian Records Sampler '98, Theologian Records (1998)

*My Life, Theologian Records (1998)

*A Compilation of Warped Music II, Side One Dummy (1999)

*Bay After Compilation, Raw Power Records (2000)

*Time is the Distance, Epitaph Records (2001)

*Warped Tour 2001 Compilation, Side One Dummy (2001)

*Bits and Pieces Compilation, Theologian Records (2001)

* Deviates' website (now run by a

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