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Dia Psalma

"Dia Psalma" is a punk band from Strängnäs, Sweden. It was formed by former members of Strebers that started in 1985 (and played as "Sixguns" for a while).

Dia Psalma was formed shortly after Johnny, drummer and main lyrics writer in Strebers was killed in a car crash. After his death in 1992 Ulke (guitarr and vocals) and Ztikkan (base) recorded a final Strebers album called ''Till En Vän'' (To A Friend) with Solbjörn (a drum machine). The same year the band went on tour with Stipen as drummer after Solbjörn (according to legend) had gotten a new job as jazz musician in USA. After the tour they decided to create the band Dia Psalma. Before disappearing in 1997 they released three albums and seven singles.

January 17 2006 they stated that Dia Psalma would be reunited. They released a CD, with all their earlier songs on, called "Psalmade psalmer" (Collected psalms).


*''Gryningstid'' (1994)

*''Efter Allt'' (1995)

*''Sell Out'' (1996)

*''Psamlade Psalmer'' (2006)


*''Hon Får...'' (1993)

*''Stora Bollar Av Eld'' (1994)

*''Tro Rätt, Tro Fel'' (1994)

*''Balladen Om Lilla Elsa'' (1994)

*''Noll'' (1994)

*''Hundra Kilo Kärlek'' (1995)


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