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Diego Torres

"Diego Antonio Caccia Torres" (born March 9, 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine pop singer and composer.

In 1991, Diego Torres' music career began with a band called ''"La Marca."'' Later, he began his first steps on TV starring in the successful TV series ''"La Banda del Golden Rocket"'' which stayed on air for three years.

In 1992, he launched his first album, ''"Diego Torres,"'' produced by Cachorro López. This album was rewarded 3 times platinum.

Two years later, and a little distant from TV, he launched his second album called ''"Tratar de estar mejor"'' which received 5 platinum albums in Argentina and gold and platinum albums in other Latin American countries. This album launched Torres to the international scene.

In 1996, the Italian producer Ceso Valli produced Torres' third album, ''"Luna Nueva"'', and months later Diego started touring with his band all across Latin America, United States, and Spain. The album went on sale, soon becoming gold and quickly being rewarded with the platinum in Argentina.

In 1999, he recorded his fourth album called ''"Tal Cual Es"'', produced by Cachorro López. This album showed Diego's talent an...

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