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Dillinger Four

"Dillinger Four" is an influential American punk band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in 1994, the band has released three full length albums: ''Midwestern Songs of the Americas'' (1998) on Hopeless Records, ''Versus God'' (2000) also on Hopeless Records, and ''Situationist Comedy'' (2002) on Fat Wreck Chords. Also available are ''This Shit is Genius'' from No Idea Records, a collection of songs culled from compilations and EPs and ''First Avenue Live'', a live album recorded in 2003. Recently they have begun appearing more and more on compilation CDs, particularly those affiliated with Fat Wreck Chords. The band has announced a new album, tentatively titled C I V I L W A R, to be released sometime around March 2007.

Earlier in their career, they released several vinyl 7" records, such as ''More Songs About Girlfriends And Bubblegum'' (on Mutant Pop Records), ''The Kids Are All Dead'' and ''Higher Aspirations: Tempered And Dismantled''. Split EPs were released with Pinhead Gunpowder and The Strike.

Current members are Lane "Monkey Hustle" Pederson (drums), Billy Morissette (guitar, vocals), Erik Funk (guitar, vocals), Patrick "Paddy" Costello (bass, vocals.) Fu...

years active 1994 – Present (time)
status Active
country Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
music genre Punk rock
Pop punk
current members Eric Funk
Patrick Costello
Lane Pederson
Bill Morrisette
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source: Wikipedia