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Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir (pronounced "Di-moo bore-gear") is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band whose music has been very popular in several Scandinavian countries and Germany. "Dimmu Borgir" means "Dark City/Citadel/Castle/Fortress" in Icelandic, and is actually the name of an area of lava formations close to Mývatn, a lake in Iceland.


Dimmu Borgir was originally founded in 1993 by Shagrath, Silenoz, and Tjodalv. The band released an EP entitled Inn I Evighetens Mørke (1994) translated to English the title means "Into The Darkness of Eternity". This short EP sold out within weeks, and the band followed up with the full length album For All Tid (1994). This album featured musical contributions by members of Dødheimsgard and Ved Buens Ende. Interestingly enough, Shagrath played drums with Tjodalv on guitar and Erkekjetter (translating "arch heretic") Silenoz covering vocals. This lineup changed before the release of Stormblåst (translates to "Storm Blown") on Cacophonous Records in 1996. Stormblåst r...

years active 1993 - present
origin Norway
music genre Symphonic metal#Symphonic black metal
current members Shagrath
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

Dimmu Borgir

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