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Dirty Vegas

"Dirty Vegas" is a British house music trio made up of Ben and Paul Harris (no relation) on instruments and production and Steve Smith on vocals.

They joined forces in 2001 releasing "Days Go By," that reached the United Kingdom top 20. They released their self-titled album in June 2002 and released a second album entitled ''One'' in 2004.

The song "Days Go By" from their eponymous album gained wide exposure in the United States of America as the background music for a Mitsubishi Eclipse television commercial.

They have remixed a song by Shelly Poole called Lost In You.

The group played their last concert together in May 2005. Steve Smith is in the process of recording another album, and has already released a single titled "Lovin' You More", also known as "That Big Track". The new album will be released under the Moniker Dirty Vegas, despite the fact that Steve Smith is the only remaining member.


#''Dirty Vegas'' (4 June 2002) #40 UK

#''One'' (18 October 2004)


*''A Night at the Tables'' by Dirty Vegas Sound System (2003)

*''The Trip'' (2003)


*"Days Go By" (2001) #1 US (Dance Charts); #16 (UK Singles Chart)

*"Ghosts" (2002) #...

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