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Disco Biscuits

"The Disco Biscuits" are a band from Philadelphia. The band is comprised of Jon Gutwillig (guitar), Marc Brownstein, (bass), Allen Aucoin (drums), Aron Magner (keyboards). Former drummer Sam Altman played his last concert as drummer for The Disco Biscuits on 8/27/2005. Magner replaced original keyboardist Ben Hayflick in 1995.

They differ from other jam bands like Phish or the Grateful Dead in that they infuse electronic beats and jams into their music.This style is referred to generally as trance-fusion, but is called "bisco" when referring specifically to the Disco Biscuits.

The Disco Biscuits are also well-known for their ability to run long sets together, sometimes even playing their songs backwards, in styles referred to as "inverted" and "dyslexic." An ''inverted'' version of a song occurs when the band starts a song by playing its ending segment, followed immediately by its beginning segment and a jam that segues out of that song and into another. A ''dyslexic'' song is played the same way as an inverted one, with its main difference being that the pieces of the song are not played consecutively (e.g. ending of 1 -> 2, 3, 4, beginning of 1 -> 5). Another techniq...

country Philadelphia, PA, USA
music genre electronic music
current members Jon Gutwillig
Marc Brownstein
Allen Aucion
Aaron Magner
past members Sam Altman
Ben Hayflick
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source: Wikipedia