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Discordance Axis

"Discordance Axis" were a metalcore band with high-pitched screaming & low grunted vocals, fast drumming and creative guitar work.

The band was founded in 1992. Rather than taking the normal route of releasing demos, DA instead recorded a multitude of limited edition split albums (see below), though rehearsal tapes and demos were released later on various compilation sets. Some of these have such poor sound quality that they just sound like blasts of noise, whereas later releases like ''The Inalienable Dreamless'' have very clear production and complicated guitar riffs. The band split up in 2001 when one of the guitar players developed seizures from standing too close to the amp during live shows. They gained something of a cult status post-split, and are renowned as one of the foremost art-grind bands.

The band was relatively remarkable both for having no bassist and for releasing the vast majority of their full-length recordings in DVD cases rather than CD cases, presumably to accommodate the unusually large booklets (normally with liner notes for each song longer than the lyrics).

*Jon Chang - Vocals (Also in: Gridlink)

*Steve Procopio - Guitar (Also in:...

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