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"Divididos" ("Divided") is a rock band from Argentina with a significant place in the history of Argentine rock.

The band was formed in 1988 after the death of Luca Prodan and the consequent dissolution of Sumo. Ricardo Mollo (vocals, guitar) and Diego Arnedo (bass guitar) joined drummer Gustavo Collado to form a band named "La División" (The Division), which would be later called "Divididos". (Another band emerged from the ashes of Sumo: Las Pelotas.)

''La Aplanadora del Rock'' is known for mixing rock with Argentine folk music, and hard-to-get lyrics. The most successful point on the band's career came with the 1993 record ''La era de la boludez''.

Other than founding members Mollo and Arnedo, different drummers have completed the normal trio: 1988 to 1990, Gustavo Collado; 1990 to 1995, Federico Gil Solá; 1995 to 2004, Jorge Araujo; and since 2004, Catriel Ciavarella.

The name of the band is probably taken from one of Sumo's song ''Divididos por la felicidad'' ("Divided by happiness").

The band has recorded a number of covers, such as Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix and Light My Fire by The Doors. Covers not committed to CD include I Want You (She's So He...

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