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"Divinyls" (often incorrectly referred to as "The Divinyls") are an Australian rock music and New Wave band. The core of the band is and has been vocalist Christina Amphlett (born Christine Amphlett and affectionately known as 'Chrissy') and guitarist Mark McEntee. Amphlett had impeccable pop credentials, being the cousin of Sixties Australian pop icon Little Pattie and closely related to pioneer Aussie rocker Col Joye and his brother, leading promoter Kevin Jacobsen. In her autobiography "Pleasure and Pain" Chrissy talks of the early days, when she was breaking into the music scene, of being arrested for busking when a teenager travelling in Spain, and how her act drew upon childhood pain.

The duo formed after meeting at a Sydney Opera House concert in 1980, and for the first two years they performed in pubs and clubs in Sydney's Kings Cross. They provided the soundtrack for the movie ''Monkey Grip'' with Amphlett also acting in the film. She received a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Australian Film Institute for her performance and the group had two hit singles, "Boys In Town" and "Only Lonely" from the soundtrack.

Over the next decade they released se...

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