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Djavan, a Brazilian MPB singer/songwriter, was born 27 January 1949, in Alagoas, Brazil. Djavan's combines traditional South American rhythms with popular music drawn from America, Europe and Africa. < Unsourced image removed: thumb|220px|right|Djavan -->


Born into a poor family in Maceió (capital of Alagoas, Northeast Brazil), Djavan formed the group Luz, Som, Dimensão (LSD - "Light, Sound, Dimension"), playing Beatles covers. In 1973 Djavan moved to Rio de Janeiro and started singing in local nightclubs. After competing in several festivals he gained attention and recorded the album "A Voz, o Violão e a Arte de Djavan" in 1976. The album included the song "Flor de Lis" which became one of his most memorable hits. Albums that followed included his other musical influence, African music, and additional hits followed like "Açaí", "Sina" and "Samurai", which featured Stevie Wonder's harmonica. His best known compositions are: "Meu Bem Querer", "Oceano", "Faltando um Pedaço", "Esq...

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