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Do As Infinity


With the release of their A-side compilation album Do the A side, ''Do As Infinity'' disbanded on September 29, 2005, after a career which spanned six years, six albums, twenty singles, seven compilation albums and eight live DVDs


* "Van" — (lyrics, vocals)

* "Ryo" — (lyrics, guitar, backup vocals)

* "Dai" — (composition, guitar)


* Naoki Hayashibe (guitar)

* Jun Matsumoto (drums)

* Kazco Hamano (chorus)

* Michitaro (bass guitar) (former member, went on to play for Otsuka Ai and other artists)

* Jun Takase (keyboard)

* Yoshiyasu Hayashi (bass guitar)

Dai Nagao started out as a composer for an amateur band. After its disbanding, Nagao continued composing songs, sending demo tapes to more than 50 record companies in Japan. Nagao was eventually hired by AVEX Records to work as a composer. He was immediately given a task to compose songs for Ayumi Hamasaki and hitomi.


Eventually, auditions were held, and he chose Tomiko Van as lead singer, and Ryo Owatari as guitarist. ...

years active September 29, 1999 – September 29, 2005
origin Japan
music genre J-Rock / J-pop
current members Tomiko Van (lyrics, vocals)
Ryo Owatari (lyrics, guitar, backup vocals)
Dai Nagao (composition, guitar)
website Official site
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source: Wikipedia