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Do may refer to:

  • The first note of the Musical scale in solfege.
  • Dominique van Hulst, stage name Do, an Eindhoven Netherlands-born singer
  • Marshall Applewhite, nicknamed Do, the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult
  • A fictional martial art practiced by the Akashic Brotherhood in the role-playing game Mage: The Ascension
  • Dominicana de Aviación (IATA code: DO), the national and international airline of the Dominican Republic from 1944-1995
  • Dornier Flugzeugwerke (Do) aircrafts
  • A prosign for Morse Code
  • The part of the armor that protects the trunk (cuirass) in Japanese martial arts

Do can be an abbreviation for:

  • Denominación de Origen, a Spanish appellation
  • ditto, meaning "repeat the above info here"
  • Diffractive Optics, a lens design used on Canon EF lenses to reduce chromatic aberrations and weight
  • Directorate of Operations, previously the American national authority for coordinating U.S. human intelligence (HUMINT) services
  • Director of Operations<...
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