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Dog Eat Dog

"Dog Eat Dog", an American band originally based out of Bergen County, New Jersey, began as part of the hardcore music scenes of New York City and New Jersey. In the last decade, the band's sound has evolved with the incorporation of elements of funk, ska and hip hop. The current lineup of the band consists of Dave Neabore (bass), John Connor (vocals), Brandon Finley (drums) and Matt Salem (guitar).


Bassist Dave Neabore had joined Bergenfield, New Jersey band, Mucky Pup before the recording of Mucky Pup's second album, ''A Boy In A Man's World ''. Soon after the album's 1989 release, guitarist Dan Nastasi quit Mucky Pup to help form Non-Fiction with former members of the band Hades and to briefly join Murphy's Law. Sean Kilkenny was a friend of Mucky Pup's who would occasionally play guitar with the band at social gatherings. His friendship and experience with the band led to his being hired as Nastasi's replacement. Kilkenny performed with the band for many New Jersey area shows before joining them on their European tour, as well.

When the band returned home from the European tour, they began to write material for a new album. The material that Neabore and Kilkenn...

years active 1990– present
status Active
country Bergen County, New Jersey & Washington, D.C., United States
music genre Crossover (music)#Crossover as music of mixed genres
current members Dave Neabore
John Connor
Brandon Finley
Matt Salem (not pictured)
past members Sean Kilkenny (in picture)
Dan Nastasi
Dave Maltby
Marc DeBacker
Scott Mueller
Mark Marri
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia