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Dolly may refer to: *A diminutive term for a doll *A portable anvil used in riveting and similar work *A mobile pallet in European 1/4 or 1/2 size. A special shape represents the Elk-Dolly. It can be precisely managed with a special shaft, which is confessed also as Elk-Connection (source: *A slang and possibly offensive nickname for a man of ambiguous, unusual or perverse sexuality. Compare molly

In science: *Dolly the sheep, the first mammal cloned from differentiated cells

In media: *Dolly (TV series), a television variety show *Dolly Magazine, an Australian teen magazine

People called Dolly: *Dolly Parton, actress, country music singer/songwriter *Doyle Brunson, professional poker player, is known as 'Dolly' or 'Texas Dolly' *Robert 'Dolly' Dunn, Australian paedophile

Related to a wheeled platform: *A hand truck is sometimes incorrectly called a dolly *A dolly (trailer) consists of not much more than axle(s), wheels, and possibly a hitch that may be added to the end of a semi-tra...

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