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"Draconian" is a Swedish doom metal band formed in 1994 which produces songs with atmospheric, melodic, and emotive characteristics.

In May of 1994, drummer and vocalist Johan Ericson, bassist and vocalist Jesper Stolpe and guitarist Andy Hindenäs assembled the band ''Kerberos'', initially playing melodic death metal with black metal influences. Seven months later, lead vocalist and lyricist Anders Jacobsson joined the band, and its name changed to Draconian.

Their first demo — ''Shades of a Lost Moon'' — was recorded on October, 1995, a week subsequent to their first live concert. The demo counted with flutist and vocalist Jessica Eriksson, keyboardist and vocalist Susanne Arvidsson and with a special participation of Andreas Haag on the introductory section of "My Nemesis". The album was released on February of 1996. The band was then joined by guitarist Magnus Bergström.

No recording contract was obtained with ''Shades of a Lost Moon'', so in early 1997 the band proceeded to record their second demo, entitled ''In Glorious Victory''. The band, however, became discontented with the quality of the recording and discontinued the release.

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years active 1994 – present
status Active
origin Säffle, Sweden
music genre Doom metal
current members Anders Jacobsson
Lisa Johansson
Johan Ericson
Daniel Arvidsson
Jerry Torstensson
Jesper Stolpe
Andreas Karlsson
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia