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"Dragon" was the name of a popular New Zealand rock band, led by lead singer Marc Hunter and his brother Todd Hunter. Original keyboard player Paul Hewson wrote or co-wrote most of the group's earlier hits.

Dragon formed in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1972, with a line-up that featured Todd Hunter, guitarist Ray Goodwin, drummer Neil Reynolds and singer Graeme Collins. By 1974 several personnel changes had occurred, with Marc Hunter joining on vocals and Neil Storey on drums.

The band recorded two progressive rock albums in their native New Zealand, ''Universal Radio'' and ''Scented Gardens for the Blind'', the second with an added guitar element from Robert Taylor. Paul Hewson also joined the band on keyboards and from this point Dragon's music took on a pop-flavoured AOR feel.

Dragon eventually landed a contract in Australia with CBS Records and relocated to Sydney in 1975.

Always a lightning rod for controversy, the band was rocked by the heroin overdose death of drummer Neil Storey only weeks after arriving in Australia, and their original manager was also deported back to New Zealand on drugs charges. By then, founding member Goodwin had left the group...

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